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Our Story

A message from our Pastor: 

Elena and I were a newly married couple. We married in June of 2017. We began a house painting company together. We experienced great success. I paid off all my student debt in the first year. We were very happy and content with our lives. Except, this little place in us which yearned to do more with the ministry. 

A Church Planter had gotten hold of my resume. He called me and began to discuss church planting with me. He was responsible to find someone who would be capable to do a church plant. After his initial conversation with me, he thought maybe I had the potential. He had me go through a year process of being assessed by a church planting committee as to whether I was fit for the role. After the year they decided I was. They called and commissioned me to be a church planter. 

After speaking with Elena and spending time in prayer we decided to take this leap of faith. We left everything we had in our home town and moved off to a part of the province we have never spent more than a day in and knew no one who lived there.

Prior to moving to the city, we had to discuss where exactly we would do the church plant. They gave us three options, Scarborough, Markham or Pickering, Ontario. Having driven through all the areas we decided on one specific area in Pickering, Ontario. We circled it on a map and prayed over it constantly.

It was two weeks before we were supposed to move. No house came available in the area we were looking for in Pickering. We looked elsewhere. We find a house in Markham. We were just about to sign the lease. We told the Landlord, to hang on for 3 hours while we went to a meeting. At the meeting the church planting committee told us a lot less money had been raised then we expected there was confusion between us and them. This caused us to hold off signing the lease that night. We went home and prayed. Waking up the next morning we felt we should do the church plant even though the funds were not as great as we thought they were. We stepped out in faith.

We checked the housing market quickly before we planned on calling the landlord to tell him we would go ahead. That morning a house came available in the very area we had prayed over in Pickering, Ontario. We immediately applied. Six other people applied the same day. Some offering $300 more a month for rent. Another offering to pay $300 more a month and the whole year up front. We thought we had no chance. Turns out the landlady was a Christian, found out what we were doing, and choose us. 

We ended up right next to the marina in Pickering and we launched the dream God placed on our heart to accomplish. That is the B.O.A.T Church. A community that is known to open their bibles and take action in the world. A community dedicated to knowing Jesus. A community that would float on the water together on our very own church boat.