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Church Planting

We are what you call a pioneer church plant. Pioneer because we completely started from scratch. It was my wife and me in a new home in a new city, knowing no one. The goal is to start a new church. Church planting is the same word for starting a new church. Jesus instructed his followers to go out into the world and make disciples of him. The first Christians were called to preach the gospel and to form into new communities of people which we call "church". A church is essentially a gathering of people who follow Jesus. When the first Christians entered into a new city they proclaimed the gospel to whoever would listen. Those who believed were baptized, received the gift of the Holy Spirit and formed a community of people whose central figure was Jesus. This process happened over and over, until one day, today, we received this gift and decided to do the same thing that has been happening for 2 millennia's. The only difference from now and any other time in history after the ascension of Jesus is our context. We now live in 2019 (time of writing) and technology, political landscapes, popular trends, current news, world powers, laws, attitudes, and other factors that create culture look different than other times. This means as followers of Jesus in Canada we do not have a temple we can go to in order to proclaim the gospel the same way the first followers of Jesus often did. So we proclaim the same gospel just through different venues. Our church has chosen to proclaim the gospel on a boat.