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Why Church Planting? 

Some people may ask, "Why start a new church? Don't we have enough already?" This may seem like a logical conclusion in the North American context. There does not seem to be a single city that does not have at least one church and most cities have many churches. It is hard to drive through Canada without seeing a church building. The churches in Canada are declining. 300-400 churches every year close their doors permanently. Many other churches are seeing a gradual decline in church attendance. The fact is many people are abandoning church altogether in Canada. Why not help those churches with declining attendance then? This also may seem like a logical conclusion. However, studies show that church planting in Canada is the number one way to do evangelism currently. Church planting gives the opportunity for a whole new group of believers to start a new church. As a church planter myself I can say it also gives me as a seasoned Christian the opportunity to practice my faith in a very real way. If you are like me being part of a church was great, but eventually, I needed more, I needed to act out my faith with all the abilities in me. Church planting presents me with this opportunity. I wonder if more of us should step out in this way? Starting a new fresh community of believers can be fun for everyone involved. It brings the gospel to life. It forces each person to be part of the church in a real way. It keeps the church moving. The church was never meant to stop moving. The church is a living organism. The gospel is to be continually proclaimed. Believers are to never give up meeting together. Church planting is God's plan. Until Jesus returns, churches will always form, whether in the basement of a house in the cold January of Russia, or in the large warehouse rented out by a group of believers in Texas, or whether on the beach on the shores of Lake Ontario. God's Church will not be thwarted. That is a promise by God himself. A plant needs one seed. That seed was Jesus. When that plant grows it will shed more seeds. Until a great garden is produced. This principle of multiplication applies to how Gods kingdom will spread throughout the world. A plan on how his churches will grow.